So, You want to know more about the Kawasaki ZX9-R 2002

This is the newest model of the ZX9 Ninja range. Details are still a bit scarce, but the following will give you a taster of what is to come.






Motorcycle Daily:


Kawasaki have a few Shockwave animations that are certainly worth checking out. I haven't figured out how to get them of the main site, so you will have to follow the following links. Once the page opens, just click on the ZX9-R links to open the Flash animation.


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Readers Reviews

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hello mate

my name is brett and in response to your question has anybody got a 2002 zx9, i have just bought one!!! had an r6 yamy b4 loved it but wanted something that i could ride for more than an hour!! looked around , r1, fireblade, ducatti, then saw the zx9, fell in love had to have it, so i did!! compared to bikes i have had before it is like sitting in an armchair at 140mph( still running it in!! sort of!!) incredible front end, inspires confidence, 3 times round a roundabout to get off sort of thing you know, only had it 4 weeks so i cant say much about it from a professional point of view, but it now has a full akrapovic race system on it and the mid range and acceleration is noticibly better, power wheelies in first, second, bouncing on the road in third, but still controlable and very ,very, stable even under hard acceleration once the front end is back on the road,2nd upgrade a set of fiorrucci race pegs, better ground clearence and even more comfortable ( I'm 6 foot and 12.5 stone!!) still loads of stuff i want to do to it and i will keep u posted if you want me to. brilliant website by the way!!!

ride safe, Brett


Hi Kevin,

As promised below please find my experiences with the F model.

I owned a '93 Zzr-600, '97 Zx-7R, '98 Zx-9R and I am just about done with breaking in my very first brandnew bike, a Zx-9R '02. A pat on the back for Kawasaki Heavy Industries because they managed to improve a motorcycle which already was a very fine bike.

As it was snowing and hailing that day (11 April) I asked my dealer to bring the bike instead of picking it up myselve and so they did. The first adjustment I made was sawing off the rear fender as you can see in the enclosed picture. I already bought an Akrapovic exhaust but I wanted to wait mounting it until I was done with breaking-in the bike. The next day I made my first ride....

Within a week and a halve I had 1.500k's on the clock and I can give you my experiences so far.

The bike definately feels bigger, higher, wider and more powerful as the C1. Especially in the midrange it's going like a house on fire! The brake power is absolutely magnificant and the handling is much better, this bike feels tremendously stable! I had some problems with the suspension of my C1 which felt very unstable under hard acceleration. The F modell feels stable under all conditions and gives you an overall reliable feeling. Furthermore you can definately notice the improvements Kawasaki made in the swingarm, frontfork, frame, tiresize (190 instead of 180), springs, clip-on's and engine. All together it does not make you wanna stop riding! The riding position is very comfy and lasts for several hours before your butt begins to hurt and your knees start sleeping. The passenger's seat is definately higher as the C1, this is a little less comfy for the passenger. On the other hand the new GP looks are much racier than C1, especially in combination with the supplied seat cover. Definately better looks! I have not changed the suspension settings yet as I am rather satisfied already! No technical problems whatsoever.

Well, so far my experiences, here are some pics you might enjoy.

You can find some more interesting stuff on my fathers homepage:


Jeroen Hagebeuk (the Netherlands)


Known Problems


as you know i got my '9' 4 weeks ago, it had a very small knock on the steering under braking and banking hard into corners, had it checked out ,was told not to worry!! lo and behold the steering head bearings gave up the ghost today with one hell of a bang!! garage was most appologetic and new bearings are being fitted at the weekend under warranty. I spoke to another couple of guys with 9s and they had exactly the same problem with 2002 models, d'ont know if this is a common fault but thought it was worth a mention,I still love it and will happily keep u updated on any further stuff that HAS to be done ie,dynotune,double bubble, polished wheels etc,etc,!!!!