New crankshaft with thicker webs has approximately 10% more inertia and gives smoother power delivery, particularly in the low and midrange.

Lighter 525 chain replaces earlier 530 chain and runs on thinner front and rear sprockets for less weight and reduced rolling resistance.

Curved surface, large-area radiator with electric fan maintains operating temperatures at the proper level.

Use of KLEEN (Kawasaki Low Exhaust Emission) catalyser system helps keep exhaust emissions environmentally friendly. Depending on the market, either a honeycomb catalyser system or a punched pipe catalyser system is employed. Use of all-stainless exhaust systems or titanium mufflers also varies by market.

New CVKD 40 mm semi-flat-slide carbs enhance throttle response in the low and medium rpm ranges for improved off-corner acceleration and better rideability.



All-aluminium frame based on Kawasaki's extremely successful WSB racing machines has been completely redesigned for enhanced stiffness and brilliant handling qualities.

Rear suspension linkage mount moved forward 2 mm to suit the improved rear suspension linkage ratios.

Front fork offset reduced from 30 mm to 28 and fork pitch (the distance between the tubes) increased from 205 mm to 210 mm for precise steering feedback.

Ride height adjuster for the rear suspension allows riders to fine-tune the chassis to suit road and track conditions.



Dual, multi-reflector flush-surface headlights contribute to the racy new look that matches the 9R's enhanced performance.

Large, under-seat storage area has space for a U-lock or other security device.