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Auto ON headlights

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 05, 2017 12:03 pm    Post subject: Auto ON headlights Reply with quote

Auto Lights ON American models and UK zx9F2p already do this.

This mod takes a few minutes to fit, but the preparation takes a little longer.

I have done this mod because I have an alarm which needs a dobber, this dobber receptacle is under the rear renntec rack which is fiddly with gloves on, and I often don't start the engine after switching on the ignition on, (Donning gloves, helmet, tabbing, or your still talking) and leaving the headlight on would drain the battery if left long enough, plus having the headlight on reduces the power from the battery to spin the engine over, also if I was to switch the headlight off while waiting, I would often forget to switch it back on again.
This mod will not let the headlight come on until the engine is spinning and the start button has been released.

Possible down sides, these relays have been known to give problems, http://www.zx-9r.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=12286&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 but not often enough to worry about, and if they do its an easy fix, also you would not be able to flash the headlight till the engine is running.

Possible Relay Replacement seems ok but still needs more testing, as I want to see what voltage it will trip down to, I know a little 9volt battery will trip it so thats a good start. Search google or ebay for "HY3FF-DC12V"

Trip Wire
The hardest part of this mod is getting your hands on a spare pin, you'll need this pin when making a new headlight relay trip wire. This new wire is used to put into the empty socket, on the 10 pin loom plug going to the J Box, and comes from one of the yellow unregulated feeds from the Alternator. This is used to trip the relay in the J Box, which switches on the power supply the headlights.
You will need to get one from an old loom.
The only Identifying mark on the pin is Y9, and on the plug a 4, a S, and a strange squiggle <>. So if anyone knows these pins, and has a bag full, let me have some.

Once you have the pin, solder on a good foot of yellow wire and prep solder the other end. We could use any color wire, but yellow is what the wiring diagram shows, and so will reduce confusion.

Junction/fuse Box
Easiest way would be to fit a zx9F2p J Box (Pt No 26021-1096 Fuse Junction box) as this has all the necessary components already fitted. Thing is these are like Hens teeth, so buy a second hand Jbox (Pt No 26021- 1095 or possibly any Kawasaki J Box) and rob out the bits you need. De-solder the relay (5 points) and 2 diodes (2 points each) and solder them into the empty positions in your own Jbox.
To open up the J Box take the fuses cover off and pull out all the fuses. Now undue the 4 screws on the back, and separate the circuit board and plug sockets, from the rest of the case. You will now have access to solder in the extra components.
I'm not going to tell you how to solder in the components because if you can't solder get someone else to do it. The diodes line up the same as the rest.

Extract one of the 3 yellow wires in the loom side plug going to the regulator. I picked the corner one because it's easier to get to. With the pin removed clean it where you're going to solder the new wire onto, and prep solder it. Solder on the new wire like I have in the picture, so it will not stop the pin locking back into the plug.
With the other end fit it to the 10 pin plug going into the J Box.
Now move pin 7 to the pin 8 position on the other Jbox plug.

Fit your newly modified J Box, tidy up and try it out.


Should you encounter problems with the headlight switching off, and its not the wiring or fuse, swap back pin 8, to the pin 7 location.

Happy modding. Smile

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