KIF_0142 Parts.JPG (34626 bytes)

This is what comes in the box. 95's worth!

KIF_0147 L1.JPG (39414 bytes)

Fitted to the bike

KIF_0143 L (no bot).JPG (29823 bytes)

Close up of LH - Expansion tank has to be removed. Bracket connects to engine bolt.

KIF_0150 L (bot).JPG (27088 bytes)

Expansion bottle fitted. Washers are provided to keep the bottle away from the new bracket.

KIF_0146 R1.JPG (28094 bytes)

Right hand site is also fitted via a bracket. But this one bolts in two places.

KIF_0144 R3.JPG (34115 bytes)

A view showing the crash bung and the tie-rod

KIF_0149 Fr1.JPG (44961 bytes)

As you can see, the protectors stick out past all the engine cases.


I got mine from They were made by a Belgian company called Bike Design (they got a site too - try google). Failing that try