Rear Vent Indicators

KIF_0203_Indic.JPG (52450 bytes)

Quite a popular mod this - and there are a few ways of doing it. The way I opted was to get a set of Ford mondeo side repeaters. There are two different kinds and the ones you need are the bigger 105mm ones and NOT the 70mm ones. Get them for a Mondeo. I got mine at and delivery was free too. I put them in from the FRONT, and siliconed them into place (forgot to take a picture though!!!). They fit not too badly, but a bit of grinding and you can get a perfect fit.

The 'problem' area is the indicator bulbs. Since the indicators come without the bulb holder I just butchered a pair of mini stalk indicators I had that already had the orange bulbs. Silicon into place again. No probs.

Once thats done, you really need to get that rear undertray tidied. Whats the point in getting ride of those ugly stock indicators and not tidying up the back proper?