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Goodridge Hoses

I opted for the Goodridge stainless hoses with blue shrink-wrap as opposed to the blue kevlar lines since I wasn’t sure that the Kevlar was road legal or durable. Also, I went for the two full length hoses so I didn’t need the splitter at the bottom yoke.

Removing the old and fitting the new as a DIY job is straightforward – just remember not to spill any fluid on that nice shiny paintwork. Bleeding the brakes however was another story altogether. What an absolute bitch. It took about two hours and a whole tin of fluid (DOT5 – only the best). It only sorted itself out when I decided to have a break for a cuppa’, came back out and viola, they were fine. I think the culprit was a master cylinder that was reluctant to return back to the normal position. You would pump the brakes, loosen the bleed nipple and a little fluid (no air bubbles) would come out. Tighten up the nipple, and there was no feel at the lever. Give it five minutes, and the firmness came back. Presumably, when the system is locked, the piston doesn’t travel so far and/or the back pressure helps.

Anyway, out on the road, the difference is subtle but noticeable. There is slightly less lever movement although, the feel seems to be the same. For a total price of about 70, it is debatable if it is worth it or not.  Maybe if the bike/lines/fluid was a little older it would be more noticeable – mines was just over the year old when it was done. But, the bottom line is I would recommend it.


Carbone Lorainne SBK3

So, at this stage I was running with the original brake pads with 12000mls wear. I had never noticed any fade before (never been on the track though), but now after three or four brake test from 40-80mph, there was definitely a lack of feel. Nothing as dramatic as the lever coming back to the bars, just a little spongy.  So, out came the standard pads (3/4 worn) and in went new Carbone Lorraine SBK3's. 

The difference is easily noticeable. Feel is the main thing. When I started the braking tests again, I could feel the rear starting to lift - progressive and easy to control. Previously, the transition from 'no lift' to 'lift' was too quick for me and I would 'panic' and let the brakes off. Now, when you feel the rear lifting, a little less pressure on the lever and the rear stops coming up and just hovers. After five or six runs, there was no fade (but the smell told you the brakes were working hard).

These pads are a definite improvement. At 50 a pair, they are probably about the same price as OE. I have only done three hundred miles on them so maybe my impression will change. If it does, it will appear here! But, in the mean time - a definite recommendation.

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