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C1 / C2 Models

Carb Icing

A misfire that also feelslike the bike is runnung out of petrol. It normaly shows during high speed motorway work. It does not require the air temperature to be below 0deg - in fact it can occur in temperatures as high as 10deg. The early C1 models were worst, with the C2 models having a revised heating system. Nonetheless, both were issued factory recalls to cure (with varying degrees of success) the problem. Check . try the following.

Also in the forum, Yorkie recons the following works.

1 turn the fuel off.
2 remove the fuel knob.
3 undo and remove the tank bolts.
4 lift the tank a bit and disconect the fuel pipe.
5 put the tank down making sure you don't damage the tap.
6 have bike on side stand, and have some cloths ready.
7 undo the white bottle with the green fluid in, and block the pipe to the cylinder block with something you can easily remove again. I used a yellow ear plug.
8 clean the crap out of the filter it the little bottle.
9 connect all that back together.
10 undo the pipes at the top righthand side of the carbs.
11 now get the overflow pipe from the coolent reservoir tank, and blow into it .This will then push fluid through the system and up the pipes, when it is freeflowing out the two ends, connect them back together.
13 rebuild in reverse order.
14 top your coolent tank back up.
job done.....hopefully....

Yet another possible cure

Thanks for that Kev, I noticed that you had some stuff on carb icing, found this if you are interested.  
had same problem after xmas took it to kawasaki they said carb heaters where fitted and filter was fine .gave me a bottle of fuchs pro FST costs about 7.00.fill your tank with petrol and put about a quarter of the bottle in to start with.after that put a cap full in as and when the weather dictakes. since doing this not had a problem with mine . use mine at 4 in the morning and was having big problems noy any more.hope this helps. Thanks. Si.

Gearbox Problems

There are quite a few reports of encountering false neutrals on upchanges. I have suffered from this but always put it down to laziness and snicking up the box rather than positive shifting. Adjusting the gear lever also helps.

Also, there have been one or two reports of the gear selection going AWOL on down changes. This is seams to be quite serious but very rare.

More Gearbox Advice -


A couple of people have reported annoying engine vibrations between 5-8k rpm. Most bikes are VERY smooth. I am not sure what the problem could be - poor selection of parts, bad running in etc, etc. One pattern that is starting to emerge is that the vibrations are stronger on bikes with race end-cans - probably because the hanger isn't quite as strong as the OEM. Also, there is no intermediate supports in the '9 - supported at the head then the footrest - thats it.

Just Done the shims and things aint right?

E1 / E2 Models

Also, there seams to be a few problems with poor running at low (< 3k) revs. Not sure what the problem is, but it is not carb icing or carb sync. problems. Atleast one person reckons the problem is crap in the float bowls.

F Model

I got my '9' 4 weeks ago, it had a very small knock on the steering under braking and banking hard into corners, had it checked out ,was told not to worry!! lo and behold the steering head bearings gave up the ghost today with one hell of a bang!! garage was most appologetic and new bearings are being fitted at the weekend under warranty. I spoke to another couple of guys with 9s and they had exactly the same problem with 2002 models, d'ont know if this is a common fault but thought it was worth a mention,I still love it and will happily keep u updated on any further stuff that HAS to be done ie,dynotune,double bubble, polished wheels etc,etc,!!!!


The only problem is I don't have one!!!