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Date 06.05.04

Well, the beloved ZX9 has been sold for a zx10. The site will keep going though. My Impressions and a Diary will be kept here


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Date 29.09.03

Looks like the new FORUM is here to stay. So Much so that I am closing all requests to post pictures to the Gallery. If you want your bike on these pages, then go to the FORUM and click on the Gallery link - one point to note though, max resolution of 800x600 and file size of 100k. So please resize your photos first.

Date 19.09.03

A new FORUM has been set up. Still in the testing stage, but I think this is the way to go. I'm hoping it will keep the costs down (the existing one is about 25/quarter and regularly exceed the allowance.

Secondly, the time required to load peoples bikes up to the website is taking too much time. So, this new FORUM will let people post there own pictures in a GALLERY section.

Its at trial stage cause I want some feedback before I commit fully. Any comments, then post them to the board.


Date 01.09.03

Wow - Almost 2.5 months since I last updated this site!!! Well, it is summer!!! Anyways, the new ZX-10R is definatley coming. Catch more details in the brochure

Date 19.06.03

Ooops - forgot to add these pics of the rear indicator and under tray mods that I did (in addition to the original one!!!). The link will take you to a 'how to' page

KIF_0203_Indic_Thumb.JPG (1382 bytes)                            UnderTray_Thumb.JPG (2093 bytes)

Date 09.06.03

Finally get to Knockhill and get on the Track. Seems like it was sunny everywhere excepth the circuit. The first 2 hours were rain and the second 2hours were dry. I do go out in the rain (sometimes), but knockhill in the wet was scary.

First full lap after the pace car goes in and somebody bins it!!! In the second session I am out front taking it easy and waiting for everyone to pass (not enjoying it at all). Some guy behind me on a SV650 has been keeping steady behind me until he bins it at Clark's. Now I though I was going easy and am real worried I am about to be the next victim. Next thing I know EVERYBODY is flying past like I am standing still - I just cant get the hang of this wet weather stuff. And, finally on the slowing down lap someone else bins it right in front of me - scary.

The 3rd session was a part dry track and not too bad, but sessions 4 and 5 were where it was at. Bone dry and sunny and got me a camera taped to the tank to record all. Best lap was 1min and 3s giving an average of 74mph - slightly slowed down my a couple of people at the hairpin. With a little bit of practice at he chicane (just cant seem to get it right) I would hope to be down to 1min flat. Apparently, Shaky Byrne did a best practice time of 51s with an average of 90mph!!! So, a bit it go then.....

And to prove it, a couple of pics of my tyres after the day

MiniKIF_0244.JPG (1680 bytes)               MiniKIF_0246.JPG (1400 bytes)


Date 13.05.03

Not much to report. Tried to do three track days so far. One was cancelled due to bad weather (fog), the others I just pulled out of cause it was too wet and windy. Hope I get better luck next time. Knockhill, eh, if you have been you will know.

Also done another 1/4 mile run at Crail. Again, very windy and cold. This time they were spraying water in front of the start line (to help the cars I presume) and it was pretty slippy. Didn't feel too bad going down the strip (due to wind) but looking at others on bike they were fair listed over. Again, the best I could get was 11.1s and 129mph. Reaction times were all about 1/2sec so I know there is more to come.

Oops almost forgot to say, finally got my FAIRING PROTECTORS on. What ya think?

Date 04.04.03

Do you know anyone who suffers from the very common brachial plexus injury? Need a conversion? It will also apply to anyone who has otherwise lost (use) of their arm.

Date 03.03.03

Overhaul continues - new sprockets and wheels on. One thing I have thought, is that I haven't seen many street fighters out there. Someone must have one?

Street Thumb.jpg (1974 bytes)

Date 23.02.03

I'm about a month into the overall and the bike is looking in a sorry state just now. The suspension is off, and I have hade the wheels powder coated and fitted with a new set of Dunlop D208. Hope they last a little bit longer than the 207 that I had on the rear last year.

Bike Stripped_Thumb.jpg (1977 bytes)

Only other thing I have done is to fit a set of dials to the speedo / rev counter. Check them out below or go the Superdials web sites.

KIF_0098 Clocks - Assembled Thumb.JPG (1507 bytes)

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Date 06.02.03

Wow, another three months have just flown past. And, what have I done? Virtually nothing. Despite my best plans, I have only just started the overhaul of my bike. Got the suspension of and sent to Race Components (Maxton waiting time of 3months!!!) and the wheels are currently in a local powder coaters. I'll keep you all informed.

Otherwise, the only updates are to the Gallery and the Links Page. As I write, the Forum is currently down, but seems to be working well. On the last check, it was getting 300-600 hits a day!!! I am shocked!!! Unfortunaly this has wnet past my allowance, and hence the return of the adverts on the pages. Hope you can put up with it.

Date 11.11.02

Well, just about seven months have went past and I have done nothing to the site. I won't bore you with the details, but a new job and moving house have taken a lot of my attention.

On the bike front, I think I have struggled to make 1000mls this year. The only thing I have done is to fit a Ignition Advancer, but that was a waste of time - actually made the bike feel slower. But, there are plans for this winter. The suspension is well overdue an upgrade and I think some rearsets will be on order. And, if I can find something decent, then I might fit a race fairing and some projector headlamps, with a custom paint job - the dilema here is wether to spend the money or save and wait for the ZX10 (if it ever arrives).

As far as upgrades to the site goes, then not much. The gallery has been updated with quite a few new bikes. Also, thanks must go to Steve Carter who supplied me with a set of parts diagrams for the C1. You can find then under the C1 section!!!

One of the members has set up his own FORUM. Pretty good format too. At the moment, there is only a forum, but maybe it will develop into more. Go have a look and see what you think (just come back now and again, eh?). Also, another dedicated stateside forum has popped up. I haven't really used it much, but there is a fair bit of traffic.

On the subject of FORUMS, I have an offer to host my FORUM off site. So far I am undecided -  It would take the form of the above forums and with a bit of promoting, would probably be quite popular. Any opinions would be welcome.

Another interesting thing I got was a picture of a proper set of front mini indicators for the ZX9. They are from a company called Huge Indutries. I think I wrote about them before, and they are quite dear. Anyone fitted them? Picture 1 /////// Picture 2. Thanks to Kiran Soar.

While surfing around the web, I came across this test drive of a 2002. Its from our American cousins, but seems ok. Gives some suspension setting if any you guys want to try.

So, sorry to everyone who hasn't had a reply or who have been waiting patiently to see there bikes on the web.

Date 14.04.02

This is quite an important change - especially of you have bookmarked this site. I have bought the URL www.zx9-r.net. Although the other sites will be kept ((they have a good rating on the search engines)) I will mainly be updateing this site only. So, please update any old bookmarks to suit.

P.S. if the address bar at the top of the page doesn't read www.zx9-r.net then please click to redirect.

Date 30.03.02

Whats happening in Kawasaki land? Firstly, I have updated the FORUM to get rid of the adverts and pop up windows. This also allows me to have more than one forum and should add another few goodies like user pictures and a search engine that works for all the threads. I have also been digging around the web and come across a couple of interesting things.

First, there is a boy in the States that likes to play about a bit with jetting Kawasaki's (and other bikes). I have stumbled over his website and there is a good section on the ZX9. With 4 or 5 power curves for the various models, he is showing what sort of power can be gotten out of them. Well worth a look.

I also came across a good article on suspension set up. This is a generic article and not specifically aimed at the ZX9 - Still, it gives a good insight.

And, Although perhaps not the most uptodate news, I have found details of Kawasaki's GP Bike.

Lastly, I have added a new section where you can download stuff. Not much in it yet, but it will grow with your help. See the contents bar to the left.

Date 02.02.02

MCN has just had their first test drive on the 2002 model ZX9 - Read it here!

A lot of people ask about how to increase the power output of the ZX9. Well, beyond race pipes and jet kits, there was little to choose from - turbo, NO2 or a big bore kit from TwoBros. Now TTS, the british tuner, has released a big bore kit for the '9. Read all about it.

Date 10.11.01

I've made a token gesture of including the 2002 model ZX9. What I really need is someone who has one to give some feedback or preferably who would like to run a dedicated site. Anyone out there?

Date 29.10.01

Well, I am up in Aberdeen now - but my bike stays at my parents in Fife. Still, I am getting out on it about every second weekend AND the roads are much better in Fife than they are up around Aberdeen.

Went out to Crail and done my first timed 1/4mile run. Now, Crail is an old abandoned airfield that still runs as a sprint / cart circuit. It is by no means a proper drag strip. Being next to the North Sea, you can bet its cold and normally windy. Sunday was no exception. For a first run on a strip, a strong cross wind was not what I would call ideal.

As I said, it was quite a cold day - good for power, poor for launching. Also, the launch line is on a slight incline. That combined with a poor surface meant it was not easy getting of the line. The whole length of the strip is not smooth, and with the strong side wind I was getting head shakes all the way down the strip on the first two runs. I will be the first to admit, it was very scary. Luckily the wind died down a little and runs 3, 4 & 5 were much better.

My best result was 11.29s and 128mph. Thats slower than the reported times for a standard bike. A standard bike is often reported at 10.6s and 136mph. Also, I do remember when the first ZX9s came out, it was the first production bike to break the 1/4mile dash in 10s.

The guy I was with had been before, and his best time was about 1s and 10mph slower than the last time. Thats how much difference the weather was making. I didn't stay untill the end, so I am not sure what other people were running. When I left, the fastest speed was 132mph. The only other time I know was 11.19s for a guy on a GSXR1000 with a Akropovic system.

So, all in all I guess I would have expected to do a little better. At the same time though, the times are more or less consistent with what other people seemd to run. I will definately try again - maybe when it is a bit warmer. I know that there is more to come. Even when wheel spinning halfway through 1st gear (and losing about 3-4 bike lengths on my neighbour) the terminal speed was still the same - 128mph. It goes to show how hard the bike is pulling in the second half of the run. I really need to get the starts sorted. Also, dropping the rear tyre pressure a bit and backing of the damping settings will help - shame I never thought about that until I was home!

Date 09.09.01

There has not been much in the way of updates to the this site in the last few months. This is because I am currently in the middle of a house and job move (London to Aberdeen). Also, I would doubt I am going to get much time to spend in the next couple either. Needless to say, I have not been out much on the bike either. Whats worse is, by the time I get settled, it is going to be well on its way to winter!

And, I have also had to move the Gallery off the site since I have run out of free web space. Still, thats enough of me moaning. If you are sending me anything or have asked questions etc. please be patient. I will respond - Eventually.

Date 01.07.01

Bit of a general update is this. A few pages have been reformatted, and some others have been added. This is an ongoing process, so any mistakes / errors / omissions etc, send me a mail. The reason for this? Well, I have had a few things in the wings for a while BUT in the July issue of BIKE, there is a mini write-up on the '9 (Bottom of page 148). And guess what - they have referenced this site (albeit in very small print). And, it is the only owner's site there. Famous or what?

Date 01.07.01

With 18,500 mls on the clock the steering head bearing were finally due for replacement.Strangely enough, non of the big parts suppliers (MandP, MPS etc) said they stocked the parts. So, it was genuine Kawa parts at 29 each - twice what I paid for the Diversion ones.Now, I know bearing stockists would have them, but that requires taking them out first. Anyway, I also got the dust seals which, by the way, the bottom one is virtually essential as it can get damaged while removing the bearing.

I also changed the front fork oil.Strangely, the oil in one of the forks looked old and worn, but in the other, it looked newer than the stuff I was putting in!  It took about 10 hrs overall, but I wasn't really in a hurry. Also, I took all the faring of etc etc but I reckon you could do it without removing everything - especially if you have the right bearing seating installation tool.

Out on the road, it definitely feel different. The forks do feel stiffer but I am now getting some chatter from the front end under heavy breaking - I guess maybe the bearings aren't adjusted right.

So, if you are about to do this, here is the bearing numbers (manufacturer Koyo) - Save yourself some money.

Steering Head Bearing (2 No.)

32907JR-N (Seating).
32907JR-3 (Bearing).

Date 26.06.01

Good weather this weekend, wasn't it. Was out both days but Sunday was the eventful one. Saw 14 police traffic bikes in the Essex area over a period of about 45mins. I think they were doing assessment rides. This actually seemed to be a clever move by the police - they 'train' the people that want it AND slow down all the racers aswell.

Still, didn't seem to be working that well as when I went back out in the Afternoon, I went past two bike accidents. Both seemed to be head on impacts with cars. Both were at the exit points of left hand corners, and Both occured on the otherside of the carraigeway. I might be wrong, but looked very much like rider blame by (going too fast??) running wide - they were both unlucky in that cars were coming the other way. Looks like the Essex Police have their work cut out and no doubt more speeding blitz's on the way....

Date 17.06.01

MCN has just done a tyre test using a GSXR1000 and Fazer 1000. Metz Rennsport seem to get a very good report and since I am needing tyres, I was thinking of moving away from my beloved Bridgestone. Anyone out there got Rennsports on the '9 - drop me a line and let me know what you think.

On another subject, I have come across a company (US) that supplies custom fit front mini indicators. BUT - the price $80. If someone else wants to try them and tell me the results http://www.hugeindustries.com/htmlfiles/kawasakiblinkersfenders.html.

Date 10.06.01

I have not been up to much of late. At the end of May, I completed the second half of my Scotland Trip. I went on the Montrose & District Motorcylce run. Went all the way to the otherside of Dundee to the run start location only to find the the run was actually going back into Fife (about 3 mile from my parents house). Then we have to go back to Dundee for the closing of the run to return back to Fife again. Still, the weather held and a good time was had (police free this time).

Secondly, in case anyone is interested, the site has just had its 10,000th   visitor. And out of all that, I have only had one person who has said anything bad (see the Guest Book). But, he spells 'wheelie' as 'willie'  (or maybe he is just pre-occupied with his own inadequacy) and is probably the most illiterate person to leave any message - ever.

Now, my Bridgestone (BT010) tyres are down to their limit after about 3700mls. These are the best tyres I have had on the bike, and I am in the limbo as to put a new set on or take the risk and try something else - maybe Michelin Race or Dunlop 207RR. I'll let you know one way or another.

Date 09.05.01

Well, finally we have had a W/E with some good weather. I went back up to Scotland for the Bank Holiday on the bike. Left London at 4pm and joined what was basically a stationary M1 until about Leeds. Every time I do that, I swear I will never do it again! I then did the second half of the Journey from Scotch Corner to Fife on Saturday morning. The same bike that was painful and uncomfortable the night before (rarely got above about 60mph) became perfect on the A68. Three hours and not even a numb bum! If you have never been on this road, you will have no doubt read about it in one of the bike magazines. Saturday was bright, dry, little traffic and no Police cars (but, loads of camera's).

Sunday was even better. Went out to the west coast and boy was there a lot of bikes about. At one place we stopped there was six police bikes and a T5 patroling the area (Tyndrum). I had my first run with a GSXR1000 and it seams to be a very good bike (I feel loathed to say). It had only 400mls on the clock and was still being run in, but that didn't stop Bill from being virtually impossible to catch - I know I was never that confident on my bike before it was run in. Mind you, one if the other guys was on a XJR1300 and I was struggling to keep up with that too. I had never been down those roads on a bike before, so thats my excuse.

And, just to top the day of, we were all stopped for a routine check - three traffic cars and six officers all waiting at the Inverary junction. Three of us had loud cans. Three had illegal visors. Two had small number plates. And, I was the only one that had everything AND mini indicators (did you know that mini indicators are illegal - I didn't). I managed to get away with all four - charming or what! Only one guy got a ticket for the exhaust because it had the not for road stamp ground of, but not polished to remove the evidence (something Rich is going to resolve very quickly). Afterwards, we all had the general attitude of 'Don't they have anything better to do' - but in hindsight, they (Strathclydes finest) did show a fair amount of discretion. Lets face it, if they wanted to be total bastards, they could have nicked us all and confiscated the visors!!!!! Also, apart from one report of a Traffic car sitting up a lane waiting (but this was not a radar trap) the policing was all very high profile - just as it should be. I think that is going to be a world apart from the policing that we are about to see in Essex this coming summer.

Date 29.04.01

How long would it take you to change the exhaust on a bike? 2-3hours maybe? How about 8???? That is what I have been doing most weekend - and yes it was raining and yes I got wet. Getting the old system of was actually not too bad. Just one knackered nut, which then gave in when I showed it the special tool. But, putting the old one back on was an absolute bastard.

I was fitting a Motad Nexus system (on the Divvy) which I thought would be reasonably good quality - at 300 it certainly should have been. I had to cut one of the down pipes which was too long. Then, cut part of a bracket from the frame which was hitting the exhaust. Next problem was trying to fit the collets / header bolts - how could they be too short, when the original exhaust was ok???? Finally, I had to bend and re-direct the brake lever. The only good thing is that I got finished just before the F1 GrandPrix started - BUT THEN that ploncker Coulthard stalled on the grid and had to start last, THEN ran into someone and had to get a new nose. But, how I laughed when Mika blew it - ho ho ho.......

As far as the kwacker goes, the only thing that that I have done is remove the Secondary Air Injection System that puts fresh air into the exhaust to help clean up emissions. I had noticed that the bike popped a little on the over-run. So, off came the system and all is well (Thanks to Brad at Dyno Speed Developments). I am annoyed I never thought of this mself.  Further reading in the manual pointed to a couple of things worth checking for wear and tear, but I thought it was better to just dump it.

Date 01.04.01

Went out for the first time today for my first serious run in about 6 weeks. Today was quite warm and almost summer like in comparisson to the last few weeks of miserable monsoon like conditions. But, it seemed that just about everyone else in the world who had a bike was also out. Wasn't long before a couple of 'challenges' were thrown down. The first few I just let go, but, eventually gave in. A couple of three figure bouts ensued and in general ended up driving like an idiot. At least I didn't top the bill, which must go to the guy on a NTV lapping the roundabout while dragging the footpeg along the ground AND sitting side saddle - honest. Second goes to the guy overtaking a line of cars alla monowheel. All this in about an hour and a half.

Maybe we were all just blowing the cobwebs out that have formed over the winter, but if this standard is maintained for the rest of the year, there must be some sort of public backlash followed by the rozzers clamping down big style. Now, I won't even try and tell people how to behave, but I believe I read somewhere that the fatality rates are already higher than last year.

Where will this end - especially considering that our bikes just start to come into their own when you hit the wrong side of 60mph. I have already proved that my self control is poor, and sitting at 55mph is just plain boring. Maybe its time to sell the 'beast' and buy a Harley!

There, I sound like an old man already - anyone know where I can get a Austin Allegro and a flat cap!

Date 18.03.01

Time to give myself a little pat on the back as we pass the 5000 visitor mark. Currently, thats an average of 50 hits a day. Also, I do get some good feedback that keeps me motivated, but as ever, I am always interested th hear what you think -good or bad.

Oh, and again I have a good moan at the biased motorbike magazines. I really should know better.

Date 15.03.01

I had seen all these adverts etc. for customisation of the graphics and logo's for mobile phones. However, they never had the logo's I wanted. So, I made my own. See the nokia tab in the contents on the left.

Date 12.03.01

Well, not much happening, but I have just added another couple of bikes into the gallery. Both are blue and have had the undertray modificatin done - just like mine. If this becomes any more popular, I think I will be trading mine in for sommething a little more unusual - A nitrous oxide CZ would do the job....

Date 25.02.01

While fitting my undertray, I also fitted a set of mini indicators to the rear. On the front, I kept the O.E. pair. Now, this weekend, I got round to fitting the mini indicators to the front. Does anyone know of an adaptor kit to make them fit properly? In the end, I cut up a video box and a plant pot and made a sandwich plate to hold the indicators in place. There must be a better way......Letters on a post card please. 

Also, if you are in the North of England, and are looking for ride-outs, social gatherings or general chit-chat have a look at this newly formed club. Set up by a ZX9 owner (but not make or model specific) to, and I quote, "exchange views, picture's, routes, and meet new friends in our area". Flat caps and whippets will no doubt come up in the conversations, but hey, don't let  that put you off (only joking Ian!)


Date 18.02.01

This has been on my list of things to do for some time now, and this weekend I got round to fitting the new rear sprocket to the bike. I had heard other people had changed the gearing to make their bike quicker or faster top end. I got a rear sprocket from Renthal (27) with two more teeth than standard. Two teeth is about the most you can go on the standard length chain. Even then, the chain had to be forced on. Optionally, I could have went one less on the front (8-9) - too lazy, and I liked the look of the Renthal wheels. 

What a difference. The front lifts from as little as 3000rpm in first. Power wheelies are available on demand in second - just give a little tug and up she comes. Whether or not it is actually quicker overall is a bit hard to tell - it will not take full throttle in first, so that must slow things down a bit. Still, the ability to pose pulling away from the lights is huge. I have already had people asking me what I have done to make it wheelie so easily and the sprocket has only been on for two days! Once it is in second or above, there seems to be more thrust than before. In fact, it is a bit like the change in performance after the can / jetting was done. I guess it is the equivalent of about 7-8bhp.

The down sides? Well, the speedo reads even more out. Before, sitting at a true 50mph (well, true according to the cycle computer) the speedo read 54mph. Now it reads 56mph. At 80mph, the speedo sits at just under 90mph. Also, a couple of times I have tried to change into sixth only to realise I was already there. The drop in top speed works out to be 8mph, but I doubt I shall miss that.

Date 03.02.01

After finally getting some photos developed, I have added a page on the undertray that I have just fitted. Undertrays are becoming one of the more popular mods that people are doing and there are a great deal of different ones to choose from. Since I didn't want to cut the bottom out of the tool box, I got mine from Rhencullen (its actually made by a French company called Topline - thanks Peter). Anyway, have a look at some pictures and find out how hard they are to fit - Click on "My Bike".

Date 21.01.01

I have been a bit lazy on the old bike front with Christmas and all, but the purchase of an under tray has revised my interests. I bought mine from Rhencullen, comes painted (at an extra cost). A full write up with photos is to come.

Now has never been a better time to buy a new '9 (or other Kawasaki to that matter). Kawasaki have just released there new sales promotion HOT METAL. . If you are in the market for a new bike, go to your nearest dealer and get two years interest free payments - on top of any discount you can hammer out of the Dealer.


Date 05.11.00

It has been a while since I updated this page and that was due to me finally getting to take a holiday. The destination was California. We flew into Los Angeles, went up the coast to San Fransisco, cut inland through Yosemite and Death Valley national parks before hitting Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and finally returning to LA via Palm Springs.

Initially, I wanted to do part of this trip on a bike (could hire a Harley for a week for about $500-600) but ended up doing it all by rental car. There are some amazing roads out there - dead straight for miles on end and then twisty like I have never seen before.

One that was quite popular with bikers was the I74 to lake Elsinore (southeast of LA). Quite a few R1's and CBR's. The only '9 I saw was a B model. Strangely the groups that were out riding had a mix of Harleys and R1's together - something not often seen. Even more strange considering that the Harleys were often in the front!!!!!!!

However, the best road was the 155 from Delano(South of Fresno) to Lake Isabella. After about 1/2 an hour of dead-straight-as-far-as you could-see stuff it became incredibly twisty. Genuinely, the max that the car saw was 35mph with the tyres screeching all the way. It was very quite and we only saw another 3 or 4 cars. It would have been beautiful on a bike.

From the only bike shop that we visited, new jap bike prices are not very cheap - $10,000 for a new ZX9. Maybe they would be open to haggling, but who knows. Still, I managed to pick up a gold mirror ($80) and a black ($40) visor for about 83. The best one though, was a Dianese one piece suit which has a price of $2000 (1400). Mines cost 750 - So, the UK is not the only place you can get ripped off.

And, to finish off my holiday, when I get back I find my insurance renewal waiting. 1374. I repeat 1374. No claims, no speeding tickets (honest), nothing. So why the increase. After phoning around and several companies refusing to quote, the best I could get was 899. Thats the new bike on hold then.

Date 05.11.00

A bit of a landmark has been achieved in the last week. I went over the 1000 visitor mark. Now I know that this does not seem like a lot, but seeing as the original intention was to learn a little about HTML / JAVA(maybe later) / Web Publishing, I am quite pleased. When I started this site, there were no others (that I could find) that specifically targeted the ZX9 C (or the E come to think of it). Looking at some other sites (like R1 or ZX6), they visitors often are up in the tens of thousands. Maybe this bike isn't that popular (or this sire ain't very good) but even the 1000 mark has taken 5 months. It is steadily building, because last month alone there were 377 visitors. Thanks to everyone who has surfed in and especially to everyone who has signed the guest book / forum - all encouragement is greatly received.

Well, I have just had mine in for its 15,000mls service. Not much to report. There were 4 shims replaced, but that is about it. Strange, 'cause there were none done at 8,000mls, and things should have settled down. Anyway, total cost of 250 (Carnell Milford - fixed price servicing) was not too bad, but I think this will be it's last service. The two year warranty will be up by the time the next one comes along and seeing as that is basically an oil service, I'll do it myself.

What I did notice when I was in for the service was new '00 ZX9's with ticket prices of 5999. That's 1000 cheaper than I paid for the C1 almost two years ago. If it were not for the fact that I have just paid out 500 for tyres and the service, I might have been tempted to trade up. But now, and by the time I pay for the alarm and get probably less than 4K for mine, it just doesn't seem worth it - especially as mines is faster and handles pretty good.

A word of WARNING. If you regularly travel from Abridge along the A113 to Chipping Ongar, watch out for unmarked speed cameras. I have had a couple of warnings about these in the past, but saw it for myself at the weekend. There is longish straight with a layby (currently with a wrecked white astra van in it) just before Little End. It was there, behind the bushes that the camera was sitting. There are no road markings to give advance warning.

Do your bit for the campaign against high fuel prices. Put your name down on a petition.

If you are in the market for new tyres, Universal Tyres will give you 5% off the price if you submit a voucher which is available on-line. Including the voucher, the total cost for a pair of BT010's was 242.00 fitted.

I am getting more used to these tyres now. They do grip well, but I still feel that they need a bit of effort to get them turning. More so than the BT56 / BT56SS that I had before.

Well, what can I say to Chris Walker. After last week congratulating him on his visit to the top of the championship table, he ends up the bridesmaid - again. Congrats. to Hodgson.

And, Channel 5 - you bunch of tossers. After watching the scheduled program there was no 500cc racing. Promises of highlights between the football disappeared into the mist. I even suffered the San Marino v Scotland game for it. God help us when we play Croatia.

I would also like to say a big GOODBYE to Carl Foggerty. You will be sorely missed. NOT.

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