There is only one car in this page – an Escort Mexico. I’ve had this car since 1988 and can’t see me getting rid of it. In the late eighties it was still comparable (performance wise) with most of the then current hot hatch brigade. Admittedly, performance was no where near Cosworth standards, but it would scare the odd RS Turbo / Gti. This was never more so when the twisties appeared. The more I drive it know, the slower it seems to get. It really has seemed to age in the last 3 years. But, bear in mind that this was the time big bikes came into my life and NOTHING can compare – including 150 mph Cosworths.

I have also taken this car round Knockhill racing circuit a few times. Lap times were the same as the slower Cosworths, Porsche 911’s etc. At the same time, I also had a Series II Escort Turbo chipped to 175bhp. Nonetheless, it posted little better times than its older brother. If you have never taken your car round a circuit, then my advice is do it now.

Driver satisfaction is one of the best things about this car. Feedback is direct and quick and you always know where the cars limits are. Remember though, there is only one way to round corners – sideways.

It still attracts attention wherever it goes. Unlike the modern brigade, which only get attention by turning their stereos up. For me however, fit a set of twin 40’s (Weber DCOE), and you shall have music wherever you go.

I used to enter this car in quite a lot of concours events with quite a lot of success. Mostly, these came in the North England / Scotland areas. The boys down South were too keen to the extent that some cars were trailered to events. Not my cup of tea. It is far from perfect, but very nice thank you very much.


My Mk1 Ford Escort Mexico


All the work was done by myself except gas flowing the head.

Engine Ford X-Flow 1660cc
1100GT High Compression Pistons
Twin Weber 40 DCOE (Pictured below with 32/32DGV)
High Lift Rally Cam (Piper 285/2)
Gas Flowed Cylinder Head with Bigger Valves
Lightened Flywheel
4-2-1 Exhaust with single box
Transmission Standard Gearbox
3.54 Diff
Suspension Bilstein Front / Spax Rear
2.5" Lowered Allround
Mk II RS2000 Rear Springs
Anti-dive kit
Body Work Standard
Interior Standard

Under the Bonnet                                    In the Boot

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