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Here is a list of all the things I have changed on the bike

Anodised Titanium Quill End Can and Power Curves

Goodridge Stainless Brake Hoses

Suspension Settings - Have also fitted shorter linkages to lift the rear end and improve turn-in.

Undertray - Tidies up the back no end.

Rear Sprocket - Up two teeth on the back - much nippier.

I got one of those double bubble / aeroflow jobbies in a light tint. Its a great buy. Cuts down turbulence to the head. No more sore neck muscles from the gentle side to side buffeting. It directs the wind over your head, and to your shoulders, thus taking weight of your wrists. Don't even think about flip-up screens, just buy one of these. Ever noticed how many R1's are sprouting them now? They do work.

Rear Hugger
I am not impressed. OK they look good, but just don't live up to their claims. Road cack still makes its way round / over the hugger onto the rear shock. In the end, I put a little bit of acetate from under the battery tray to offer better protection. Still, at least I have somewhere to put my stickers - until I  grow out of it.

Carbon Fibre F1 Type Mirrors
Can't really make my mind up on the looks - sometimes OK, sometimes a bit tacky. What I do know is that although they are easy to fit, it is difficult to stop them vibrating loose. In the end I had to Araldite them!! As you would expect, the viewing are is not as good as the originals and the vibrations just give a general idea of what is behind.

Spyball Patriot Alarm
What can I say - its still working. Oh, and it will let you bump start it if the battery goes flat (eg leav the lights on park). Don't know of this is good or not, but it stops you having to call the AA out.

Automatic Chain Oiler
I used a mechanical device from Chaintec. What a waste of time. It either didn't flow anything, or you ended up with a pool of oil on the floor after leaving the bike overnight. My advice, don't bother (or if you really must, try a Scottoiler).

Fairing Mushrooms
Little white things that are supposed to protect the fairing if you drop the bike. Since I haven't done that, I can't comment. But, they do look cool.

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